Data Journalism UK 2017: BBC Academy report — Can data save journalism?

Megan Lucero

Charles Miller has written a report on Data Journalism UK 2017 on the BBC Academy website:

“So does this new combination of local journalism and nationally-analysed data offer a way to revive genuinely local stories – and perhaps to retain jobs in journalism locally? Well, perhaps. But as another speaker described his news startup, technology and data once again looked like they weren’t going to be helping with those traditional local reporting jobs.

“Alan Renwick is CEO of Urbs Media which combines data and journalistic intelligence centrally to “mass localise” stories. As the Urbs promo explains: “we produce many versions from the same data. At the touch of a button, tens, hundreds or thousands of stories for different markets or publications.””

Report on #DJUK17 in Portuguese by Moreno Osorio

The Brazilian data journalist Moreon Osorio attended Data Journalism UK 2017, and wrote a report about the event in his newsletter — you can read a web version here:

“É como o Panama Papers, mas concentrado no Reino Unido, comparou Megan. Uma das coisas mais interessantes que ela disse a respeito de jornalismo de dados foi que os jornalistas sempre foram para os lugares onde estavam as histórias. ” Hoje estamos em um mundo digitalizado, é para lá que precisamos mandar os nossos repórteres “.”

Twitter Moment: Megan Lucero’s keynote at Data Journalism UK 2017

2017’s Data Journalism UK conference was kicked off by keynote speaker Megan Lucero, who talked about the first 9 months of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism’s regional data journalism project, Bureau Local. You can see her presentation above, and relive key moments from her talk in the Twitter Moment below.